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The Beginning


Riley started his passion for music at an early age.  He completed his ARCT in piano performance by 18.  Riley then went on to complete a Bachelor in Music focusing on film scoring from Berklee College of Music in 2011.  Landing a temporary gig with a Vancouver audio production house, he found a passion for music in games and has gone on to score over 50+ game titles with companies including Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft.  Riley has also recently completed a doctorate of music in composition from The University of British Columbia.

Let's Talk!


Riley is dedicated in bringing an unforgetable, custom tailored musical experience to whatever project you have.  With Riley's years of formal education, combined with his real world experience, he is not only able to write in practically any style requested, but with speed, clarity, and world class results. 


“...the soundtrack matches the artstyle perfectly. Whether it be a playful piano ditty while you pilot a mech suit that shoots cats or an emotional strings piece while you’re exploring a brand-new area, there’s a childlike sense of optimistic wonderment that’s being reinforced throughout the game. The soundtrack does a great job of setting up the right atmosphere when it needs to, further immersing you in this strange, fantasy world.”
9/10 – Nintendo Life

“The music is very nice, and oozes quality. Just listening to the orchestrated soundtrack makes you think of nature with hints of Secret of Mana.”
9.1/10 – GBAtemp

“The soundtrack can be as incredible as the graphics, as well as the songs that fit perfectly with the environment, they have an inexplicable nostalgic factor. Some tracks reminded me a lot of the songs of Mega Man Legends, the 3D Adventure of Mega Man released for the first PlayStation, which is great, since the franchise has always been and always will be reference in quality soundtracks.”
10/10 – Gamerview

“Riley Koenig is an immensely gifted composer and a truly giving and gifted creative partner... What we created together with "Invincible Sun" was one of the most unique and beautiful artistic products of my life to date, and a sizable percentage goes to Riley Koenig and to his cohorts at Power Up Audio.  I think that this man could bring the same level of skill and musicianship to any project that requires a music score, and that Power Up Audio are a great team.” - Arinn Dembo, Kerberos Productions

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